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Thursday, July 8, 2010

New nerf Camo darts and pouch!!!!

New 36 Camoflauge nerf whistler darts
Darts are packeged and for sale on taobao
Also here is the link for the pouch and darts on taobao


  1. Do you know why there called whistler darts

  2. because if you fire them out of a particularly quiet nerf gun they whistle as they are flying

  3. When will the camo darts come on sale? and how much if you know.

  4. here is a link to nerf's official product release it looks to be about $20.00 with the ammo pouch

  5. http://www.hasbro.com/nerf/en_US/shop/browse/N-Strike/_/N-1rZ71Zgt/Ne-2l/No-10?Items=50

  6. I have two questions. Is this blaster compatible with other darts? And is it as loud as the Vulcan?

  7. Oh, sorry. Nerf Barricade. Im sorry. I remember the barricade only used these darts. so i thought i was on a different post.

  8. the barricade can use othe darts acctually any kind but we have no videos to tell us how the nerf barricade fires so we dont know yet

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